Current facilitator: Tom Adair


Outline of the group’s structure and process:



Five including the facilitator


Length of group’s existence:

6 – 7 weeks



  • We will look at one person’s poetry each week.
  • Feedback would be delivered via email.


  1. Week 1

Set up group contact details, guidelines for providing feedback, how we want to organise ourselves, etc.


  1. Week 2 Sunday

The featured poet emails poem/s to the others with information about poem/s; context, background, what they are trying to achieve, and any areas they particularly want feedback on: anything they think is relevant.


  1. Monday to Saturday

The four other members carefully look at the poem/s formulating feedback and sending feedback via email to the featured poet. Multiple emails and contacts might occur.


  1. Week 3 to 6 – Repeat with a different poet featured each week.
  2. Week 7 – poets email others the latest version of the poems.
  3. We all meet for a coffee/drink to celebrate, enjoy, and review the process.


If you are interested in participating in a Poetry Feedback Group please click on the date to email Tom.

Include Group 1 in the email subject line.


The group will be marked as full when all four places have been taken.


Group 1