Memories of Jenny

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By Michael Cains.

People you know but really you don’t,
A coffee at first, share more you won’t.
Trips on the weekends in our little vans,
Hooked on the travel, ever more plans.

You meet someone new and it really clicks,
So much in common, the friendship sticks.
You seek their company and they look for yours,
Laughing, enjoying the great outdoors.

Late friendships grow after lives in far places,
Inching up gently with no airs and graces.
Shared jokes and stories, some told with great sadness,
Trust with a smile and good-natured madness.

It all ends too briefly when life is most cruel,
They are gone, we are left with only a jewel
of a memory of friendships that should last for ever,
But they don’t, and then they are off to…. wherever.

Goodbye Jenny, your time went so fast,
To your memory and friendship we will raise a glass.
You’re off on a journey we haven’t yet started,
Only knew you a while but now you’ve departed.

We remind ourselves not to take things for granted,
In wandering souls our friendships are planted.
They can’t last for ever, so time spent is treasured,
Love freely given can never be measured.



Michael escaped regular employment two years ago, and when not renovating or travelling anywhere with his wife in their Avan campervan, he writes. He never really stopped this since school, receiving frowns for his creative responses to staid organisational communication before finding a niche as a part-time motorsport journalist for fifteen years. He leans towards Speculative Fiction, but will try anything, rediscovering a latent love of poetry and short stories. A novel or three are in progress.




2 Responses

  1. ClaudiaCollins

    Hi Michael

    I have now read all your pieces as GW featured author of the month and really enjoyed this poem. I’m an old fashioned gal and love poetry with rhyme and meter. My favourite piece, however, was ‘The Twins’. That one really blew me away.


  2. Michael

    I submitted this poem, minus two verses to meet the word count, to a competition run by a Recreational Vehicle company. The competition was suggested to me by Guenter and Victoria. I’ve just been advised that I won, including a small cash prize – my first ever for a poem!

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